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Care & Safe use

For information on how to use our recovery strops in a safe way, download the next PDF.

Good operating procedures

Incorrect use will endanger vehicle occupants and observers. Vehicle recovery can result in very high loads and unexpected consequences such as vehicles rolling out of control on slopes, tipping and damage to towing attachments. Safe recovery procedures must be adopted for vehicles using recovery strops. Vehicle recovery points must be marked. This ensures that the recovery strop, all attachments and vehicles are maintained in good order.The Photos below show the incorrect use of the Blacksnake Recovery Strop.

General care of recovery strop

Do not use the recovery strop if there is any sign of exposed inner core, broken core fibres, fire or chemical damage, or presence of foreign matter penetrating the rubber casing.Do not expose recovery strop to high temperatures (>90°C). Do not allow naked flames to damage the rubber casing.Cleaning of the rubber casing can be managed with a high pressure cleaner to a water pressure under 2,000psi with the water nozzle at fan setting.The rubber casing for heavy duty strops is a minimum 10mm thick and will provide adequate protection for the internal fibres from contaminants, water, chemicals and UV exposure. If the rubber casing is damaged, temporary repair can be achieved with PVC tape, duct tape, heavy fabric backed or rubber backed tape to protect inner core fibres from many contaminants and water.

Safe use

Do not use the Recovery strop in any other configuration other than a straight line pull. If used incorrectly it may result in failure.If in doubt of the forces involved with retrieval, do not attempt a vehicle recovery with this equipment.This item is designed for towing and recovery work only.It is never to be used for lifting or suspending.Attachment hardware shall only be fitted to the steel bearing points of the eyes in the recovery strop.Do not use a jerking (uneven acceleration) action when retrieving vehicle due to the high shock loads this can create.Never stand on, over, under, beside a recovery strop during a recovery attempt. Always assume an item could fail including shackles and connectors. Keep people at a safe distance (e.g. 10 metres for 6 metre strop) when attempting a vehicle recovery.Always inspect the recovery strop between each use.

Tags / Markings / Identification

All Blacksnake Recovery strops are supplied with plastic tags attached to the main body of the strop. If the plastic tag is removed or damaged, the RFID can identify the serial no. product code and date of manufacture. This will provide traceability and a new tag can be created. If a tag is lost, the item should be removed from service until it can be inspected and re-tagged.

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