Kevlar Recovery Strops

Kevlar® Recovery Strops

The endless parallel lay configuration of the Kevlar® fibres, coupled with high strength steel eyes encased in a thick, rubber cover, creates lightweight, rugged and very high break strength strops. From 4 metres up to 20 metres in length and ranging from 10-500 tonnes break strength, Black Snake Kevlar® Recovery strops are suitable for most recovery situations in mine operations and heavy duty applications. With over 22,000 Kevlar® Recovery Strops sold, Black Snake Kevlar® Recovery strops provide a practical and proven alternative to wire rope, chain or fibre rope/round-sling/webbing straps.

Nylon Recovery Strops

The Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strop provides a heavy duty, industrial strength alternative to webbing snatch straps and kinetic nylon ropes. The Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strop incorporates nylon strands laid in an endless parallel lay construction into galvanised wire rope thimbles, the entire construction is then covered in a vulcanised, industrial grade rubber. This construction is very robust and has inbuilt protection for the load-bearing fibres along with excellent energy dampening qualities.

Mooring Strops - Dubai

Mooring Strops

Black Snake's synthetic mooring strops provide a lightweight and environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional mooring chain and are ideal for many marine mooring applications. Unlike chain, the synthetic mooring strop minimises damage to the seabed whilst the smooth stretch of the nylon core absorbs shock loads in the wave and tidal conditions of the marine environment. These unique mooring strops are a perfect complement to any navigation buoys and can be used in many applications as a mooring chain replacement.

'Y' Strops


The Y strop is also suitable for light vehicle towing and recovery with twin point connections, common to farm, military and small to medium mine vehicles. 


The heavy duty Y Strops are the ideal addition for heavy skid-mounted equipment. The Y strop is also suitable for medium sized vehicle towing and recovery with twin point connections, common to farm, military and mine vehicles.


Specifically designed for use with bulldozer rippers, we adapted Andromeda’s 'B’ fittings for use in the towing version of the Black Snake and introduce the: BULLDOZER Y Strop.

Y Strop

Body Up Strops

First developed in 2008 in conjunction with a world class dump body manufacturer, Body-up Safety Strops provide a safe and lightweight alternative to wire rope truck body-up safety cables (normally closed spelter socket types).Body-up Safety Strops are an innovative offshoot of the Black Snake Kevlar® range of short, high strength strop and have been successfully implemented in Australian and overseas mine-sites.

* Body-up Safety Strops are custom made.